Impossibly high performance, maximum secutiry – that’s the DAX-Investing promise!

Copy-Trading INVESTING

We simplify a complex world at the touch of a finger! The trading systems have been generating excellent results for more than 10 years. Now you are able to benefit from it! Become a Copy-Trading Investor.

How does it work?

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: You build an investment account with one of the most well-known and secure brokers available (RoboForex). You then link that account with the trader account to harness copy-trading so trading positions that are opened by the trader are automatically transferred to your account.

Our win sharing system is the fairest win-win relationship imaginable:

We only make profit when you make a profit!

Easy to start

Get started right away! The registration takes only a few minutes and it starts directly

100% Transparency

All our processes are completely visible and transparent to you

Unmatched performance

Our strategies and systems achieve the highest profits on the markets

Safe Deposits

Your capital is safe with the broker, so we have at no time access to your deposit

Total Control

You always have full control over your capital and can access it at any time

Instant Contact

If you have questions, we are always available for you and will be glad to answer them

They say: “You can’t beat the market.” Well…we did! And we will do it again!

Technology has long since found its way into our trading systems. We use them to find razor-sharp market entries in milliseconds-fast and to make positions highly profitable close . Our strategies will make us the most successful investment platform in the world.

“This company provides mechanisms to protect your money, and optimize your profits”

We create a completely transparent and reliable investment system, with which enables you to harness Forex Investment makes trading opportunities accessible to everyone. Such a format is revolutionary. This truly is a passive system once it is setup.


Our results are unrivaled, our transparency unmatched. Copy-Trading is revolutionizing the investment industry – forever!

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